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Mark Barry @swalesmetroprof

Cardiff, Physics in Mcr, stuff in UK/US/EU, founded biotech, #southwalesmetro since 2010! ProfPractice @cugeogplan Myviews RTNE endorse

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  • Mark Barry

    How about we plant a shit load more trees everywhere...and stop chopping down the ones we have (esp the equatorial rain forests)… … ..and in 2017 prices the Apollo programme cost a third of what US DoD gets in a year (~$700Bn!!)

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  • Giles Paley-Phillips

    This interview should tell you all you need to know about Boris Johnson, as Eddie Mair says "a nasty piece of work"

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  • Mark Barry add, I know quite a few politicians of all parties. Without exception I respect their integrity and their principled positions -even if I disagree with them. What I have come to realise is the weakness of the UKs "constitution"...and Wales' position within it.

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  • Mark Barry

    I wouldn't normally broadcast my "voting intentions" - its a private matter. This time though I did, it was a tough choice & a change from my previous affiliations. Politics has become so reduced to undeliverable sound bites & lack of clarity & honesty you have to call it out!

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  • Mark Barry

    Given dysfunction at "broken" Westminster/Whitehall & lack of clarity from most parties re #brexit I have decided to vote @Plaid_Cymru . They have a clear proposition in respect of Brexit and an inclusive and open ambition for Wales' place in Europe that resonates with me...

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  • TransitCenter

    Transit agencies can't solve the issue of urban housing affordability, but they aren't helpless either. It's encouraging that LA Metro is looking at this angle as it rethinks its bus network.

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  • Stephen Fry

    Don't Be Fooled: Nigel Farage's last minute plea brought to you by filmmakers Lucas and Minghella.

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  • Dmitry Grozoubinski

    1/ This is obviously awful, but I'm not sure everyone realizes why. She asks: "Why is everyone focused on the EU, why not the rest of the world?" I think she thinks a WORLD Trade Organisation Brexit makes exporting to the rest of the WORLD easier. In 2019. Fuck.

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  • David Schneider

    Remember the collapse of British Steel has *nothing* to do with Brexit. Also nothing to do with Brexit: Sony, Dyson, Flybmi, Jaguar, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Moneygram, Philips, P&O, Airbus, Barclays, Hitachi, JPMorgan, Citibank, stalled investment etc etc

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  • James Melville

    The Brexit Party has banned Channel 4 News from attending future events organised by the party. Please retweet if you think that other broadcasters should now boycott events hosted by The Brexit Party in solidarity with @Channel4News.

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  • Our Future, Our Choice

    The Conservative Party are kicking out a One Nation Conservative and former Deputy Prime Minister whilst Conservative backbench MPs talk up a pact with Farage. Sums up exactly where the Conservative Party is at the moment.

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    "Intersections designed for people of all ages and abilities are critically important for getting more people to bike in our cities. NACTO has developed an essential design guide for intersections of all shapes and cities of all sizes." -Luann Hamilton, @ChicagoDOT

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