Adam Savage @donttrythis

Adam Savage @donttrythis

Obsessive maker of things. Editor-in-Chief of @testedcom, host of #SavageBuilds and author. Former co-host of #MythBusters.

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  • Adam Savage

    It’s such a stellar construction, gentlemen. World class. One of my favorite costumes to wear.

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  • Adam Savage

    Well, @PhxFanFusion. Today was fun. See you tomorrow! My panel is at 10:30 am, in West 301BCD. I will be showing a new sneak peek from #SavageBuilds, then taking LOTS of your questions! See you soon!

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  • random3sarah

    My local bookstore only had 1 copy and now it's mine! So excited to read it.

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  • Adam Reeve

    Pretty sure I just got the last one! Thought for sure it’d be too late!

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  • Adam Savage

    Can confirm. Also not feeling sorry.

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  • Adam Savage

    You guys are the best. And I’ll announce myself next time. Your counter people and staff are always super knowledgeable and helpful.

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  • Tested

    Here's the time-lapse of @donttrythis' scratch-build spaceship #OneDayBuild! See? Sometimes they're really only a day! (Full video here: )

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  • Adam Savage

    I got all sweaty, felt like i was breaking a rule.

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  • Adam Savage

    Okay VR tweeps! I’ve got my Oculus Quest today. Wanting some environments that are just cool to explore. Less gaming more wandering is what I’m specifically looking for. Suggestions?

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  • Jennifer Gunter

    If your goal is to reduce abortion you need: -free, accessible contraception - early, accurate sex ed - free, quality maternity care - to to reduce poverty - reduce domestic violence Abortion laws only reduce safe abortion. The hypocrisy is stunning.

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  • Bill Corbett

    Patreon subscribers! I'm doing an all-day Ask Me Anything today. Will get to all Qs by end of day, guar-an-teed. Right here: 

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