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TSN 690 Radio @TSN690

Montreal's only English all sports Radio Station. Official Radio home of the Montreal Canadiens, Impact, Alouettes and Rocket. #TSN690



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  • Sean R Campbell

    In Toronto, Raptor fans are promising all sort of free stuff for Kawhi Leonard if he re-signs with the team. What would you promise to which UFA in the #NHL to sign with the Montreal Canadiens this summer? #Habs 514-790-1690 Text 11690 #TSN690 @Imstilljon

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  • Tony Marinaro

    MFQOD: What do u think of @Guzzo_Vincenzo wanting to change the name of The Montreal Alouettes to The Quebec Alouettes? Considering the state of the team, wouldn't you do the same if you would be the next owner of the team? 514-790-1690 #TSN690

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  • Rick Moffat

    Need your help on #AskUsAnything in absence of Conor "T-Bone" McKenna. Hockey photos? Super model posters? What was on your wall when you were a teen? 9:30 @TSN690.

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  • Sean R Campbell

    Off the Cuff Question. What is the best type of owner when it comes to a sports franchise? #TSN690

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  • Shaun Starr

    Head over to https://www.facebook.com/TSN690Montreal/  and answer today's question Is Drake and his courtside antics at Raptors games really that big of a problem? Some have said Canadians are still embarrassed by him. Really? Do you feel that way? #TSN690

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  • Tony Marinaro

    & just moments ago, 2 sources close to the CFL tell me that the CFL’s Board of Governors have approved the sale of @MTLAlouettes to @Guzzo_Vincenzo and his group. This does NOT mean it’s a done deal however bcz once again Guzzo & his partners are doing their due diligence #TSN690

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  • Tony Marinaro

    position that he’d be willing to sell 25% of his 50% ownership to season ticket holders. Says that money would serve as an advance towards a new training facility or other. He wants a training facility on the North Shore. And also wants a stadium on the island of Montreal #TSN690

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  • Tony Marinaro

    I asked @Guzzo_Vincenzo if he wanted to buy the @MTLAlouettes just for his profile? He told me he wants to do this for the community. He also added that contrary to reports that CFL teams don’t make money, he says that 5 of 9 @CFL teams made a profit last year, a big one #TSN690

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  • Tony Marinaro

    doing their due diligence. I asked him if he does buy the team, will Danny Maciocia be GM or Coach? He told me @dmaccoach has served as an advisor to him during the process but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be part of his staff. He did add though that he #TSN690

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  • Tony Marinaro

    would want his GM and Coach to be a Quebecer. Speaking of Quebec, Guzzo wants to change the team name from The Montreal Alouettes to The Québec Alouettes (Les Alouettes du Québec) Also told me that once the organization would turn things around & would be in a better #TSN690

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  • Tony Marinaro

    BREAKING: I finally had a chance to talk w/ @Guzzo_Vincenzo I asked him to confirm my report of his interest in buying the @MTLAlouettes He confirmed that he and 2 partners are very interested. Guzzo would own 50%, the other 2 partners would own 25% each. The group are.. #TSN690

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