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  • Nelisiwe Msomi

    What do long taxi lines create? A market for side hustlers to transport people. I'm still shook about how they recruit people from taxi lines. More details will be in chapter 10 of my book

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  • LawyersHumanRights

    Teboho Mashota, our razor sharp paralegal, is giving training today in Polokwane. Community Advice Offices and migrant sex workers are learning the ins and outs of the Refugees Act, and the Immigration Act - with generous support from @osfsa @SisonkeSA

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  • Masutane Modjadji

    People think Khelobedu is not a language but a dialect don't actually know about the two colonial events that led to the undoing of Khelobedu as language. I try to explain this in this piece.

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  • The Daily VOX

    Reflect, how different is your behaviour towards black Muslims to how Israel treats Palestinians?

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  • James Love

    WHO publishes May 22 version of transparency resolution with 110 brackets. We compare to original proposal.

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  • Shaeera Kalla

    What is stopping those of us who want these things from doing them? Let’s talk if you’re on campus and want to host a group councelling session for eg. there are psychologists who would be willing to volunteer their time.

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  • Tanya Pampalone

    And if you haven't read Write Till You Drop from Annie Dillard, it's a must read! …

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  • Joan van Dyk

    Two years ago we phoned hundreds of clinics to find SA's missing abortion clinics, which we collated into a searchable tool - christened #SizaMap. Read about that here: . Now, we're working to update it. Follow the link below if you're keen to help.

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  • Laura Lopez Gonzalez

    UNAIDS has launched a pretty cool innovation site profiling new inventions in healthcare & even financing. This retractable needle is one of them, alongside new ways to get financial services to rural populations in Africa …

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  • Laura Lopez Gonzalez

    Did the bill to limit state liability in medical legal cases and curtail millions in claims against the state just lapse in Parly ?

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