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  • Chris Nilan

    Home from hospital and my dogs know something is up. They won’t leave my side

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  • Chris Nilan

    Today’s the day-going in for my knee replacement surgery. Looking forward to a good outcome.

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  • Chris Nilan

    The N.H.L is a joke once again. It’s a shit show every night. Let’s make some more excuses for them. Feel bad for the Blues

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  • Chris Nilan

    I wish I left my jersey in the room great move by a great guy Dave Brown I had the chance to meet Brownie and we had a few laughs about that evening

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  • Chris Nilan

    Gone for one night and this is my greeting from Adele

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  • Chris Nilan

    View from my porch my poor neighbors are getting it again.

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  • Chris Nilan

    I second that Dan check out my buddy Sal's at McW in NDG Sal has it all big or small

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  • Chris Nilan

    Since 2016 over 150,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses but the clowns in Washington still ramble on about Russian interference in our sacred electoral process. By the way the U.S. has been doing the same thing that Russia did for years. Meanwhile people are still dying

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  • Liam Maguire

    We're in Montreal. Book signing here tonight...

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  • Chris Nilan

    Adele doesn’t want winter to end

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  • AnciensCHC

    Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer notre alignement pour la dernière partie de notre saison du 19 avril à Pointe-Claire: Sévigny Brisebois @bergeron47 @mdandenault25 Dagenais @gcarbo21 @KnucklesNilan30 J.Lemieux Richer Lambert (entraîneur) Info - 

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  • Chris Nilan

    Spring Sale! 25% off all catalogue items on  Just enter promo code knux20 at checkout 

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  • Chris Nilan

    Spring Sale! I’m offering 25% off all items on  Just enter promo code knux20 at checkout

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  • Chris Nilan

    Tampa is losing their shit and if they don’t put a plug in it we’ll be saying what a great regular season they had,BUT

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  • Stu Cowan

    Watch this week's HI/O Show as I join @JessRusnak of CBC Daybreak, former Canadien Chris Nilan @KnucklesNilan30 and comedian/host @Adam_Susser to wrap up the #Habs season #HabsIO: …

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  • Chris Nilan

    No matter where I put my coffee Adele wants it

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