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Jason Disharoon @Jason_Disharoon

Meteorologist for @KARE11 Originally from the ATL. Avid traveler, foodie, gym rat. Views here reflect my own & not any employer. RTs are not an endorsement



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  • Jen Heyer

    Super excited to share that I'll be on #GrowWithKARE with @BelindaKARE11 Saturday morning at approximately 9:45am. #WildernessWednesday Wilderness Wednesdays with Jen Heyer http://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/kare11-saturday/wilderness-wednesdays-with-jen-heyer/89-a112f9e6-e144-4575-89a7-a8b884da295a … via @KARE11

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  • Jason Disharoon

    #Andrea may have already come and gone before the official start of hurricane season but NOAA predicts weaker Atlantic hurricane activity this year http://www.kare11.com/article/news/nation-world/noaa-predicts-weaker-atlantic-hurricane-season/507-10ea0a45-6716-495e-8f9e-b4ffcc938624 … #HurricaneOutlook @kare11wx

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  • Jason Disharoon

    Story of my life trying to get my diet and workout routines back on track after moving cross country Doing good today. Only two tacos earlier. Now chowing down on oatmeal and protein powder before leg day (which has been postponed over a weeks so far... todays the day!!)

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  • Michael Beschloss

    Benjamin Franklin announced his invention of bifocals, today 1785:

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  • Jason Disharoon

    Did you see the wispy clouds in the sky this morning? They're actually a decent indication rain is on the way so don't let the umbrella stray too far while you enjoy the nice afternoon. Thanks for the pic @LauraBetker https://www.kare11.com/article/weather/a-mares-tail-in-the-sky-may-mean-rain-is-on-the-way/89-a626a73e-62a0-4232-9312-4f067ba5791c …

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  • Jason Disharoon

    Low pressure continues to spin across the area. Rain around the metro this noon hour but seeing some snow mix in to the north.

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  • Jason Disharoon

    Winter Weather Advisory in effect for Pine County. Slippery road conditions and 40 mph winds possible.

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  • Jason Disharoon

    My mug should never be on a screen THAT big haha! Thanks again to the Minnesota @Twins for having the @kare11wx team out yesterday to talk about weather with area students #STEM BONUS: #TwinsWin !!

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  • Heidi Wigdahl

    Have you seen this video? The bus driver who witnessed this told me, “We’re lucky she didn’t get killed.”

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  • ABC News

    A sweet moment as a group of ducklings waddled toward their mother, reuniting with her after being rescued from a sewer by emergency services in Minnesota. https://abcn.ws/2VDQoAw 

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  • Jason Disharoon

    I’ve never seen the Northern Lights so now that I’m far enough north to see them, if folks could kindly blow up my mentions when they appear that would be great

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