Adam Price @Adamprice

Adam Price @Adamprice

Arweinydd / Leader @Plaid_Cymru. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Aelod Cynulliad Dwyrain Caerfyrddin a Dinefwr / Assembly Member for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr.

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  • Plaid Cymru

    The coming weeks will see an anti-EU arms race among the Brexiteer wing of the Tory party. We can't let the fantasy politics which led to this chaos, define our future. The only option is a #PeoplesVote. Plaid Cymru Leader @Adamprice responds to PM Theresa May resignation.

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  • Adam Price

    3. ‘Do not waste this time’, said @eucopresident when that final extension was granted. I fear this British Government has already failed to listen to such good advice. The only option is a #PeoplesVote.

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  • Adam Price

    2. Over the coming weeks we will see an anti-EU arms race amongst the Brexiteer wing of the Tory party. We cannot let the fantasy politics that led us to this chaos define our future path.

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  • Adam Price

    1. Although I profoundly disagree with Theresa May on almost every issue, her resignation speech shows her commitment to doing what she believed what was right. In the future I wish Theresa May well, but in the immediacy we face an ever increasing challenge.

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  • Claude Road

    Not alone in voting @Plaid_Cymru for the first time. Myself, family and friends have done the same today. Perhaps not for the last time either.

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  • Emma Allen

    as a fellow first time Plaid voter, I feel the opposite. I only decided to vote Plaid this morning and it was a strategic decision. Since seeing the active presence of @Plaid_Cymru here, I feel a part of something special and my vote makes more sense .

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  • JH

    My Mother and Father have both voted for Plaid Cymru in today's elections. Pure class.

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  • Bethan

    I have voted Plaid. Its been a while but I'm back. Even my husband has voted Plaid for the 1st time ever. Big step for him

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  • Guy OD

    I am a life long @UKLabour voter, today I voted @Plaid_Cymru for the first time, a party that actually puts Wales first

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  • Lorna

    Plaid Cymru got my vote as usual today but my labour voting husband voted Plaid too

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  • Hugo First

    Here in Wales, the tactical thing to do was a vote for Plaid Cymru, needless to say, for the first time in my life, that is where my X landed.

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