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  • Maggie Haberman

    Trump campaign issues six-paragraph statement in response to debate potus called boring. It’s so long I can’t screenshot it all.

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  • TAB Racing

    Craig "The Whale" Thompson has highlighted three runners worth getting involved in at Forbury Park tonight. Watch his full breakdown here: http://bit.ly/2RA9NNM 

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  • Stephen Miller

    Bill murdered a beloved groundhog by spiking her into the pavement like a Gronk super bowl TD catch. Drop out, Sandinista Frankenstein and fix the L.

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  • ABC News

    STARTING NOW: @ABC News has a full breakdown of the first night of the first 2020 #DemDebate. Watch live:

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  • Invictos

    Competitividad, rendimiento, respeto y profesionalismo. Sin jugar mucho, Jasper Cillessen dejó huella en el club. Y Marc-André ter Stegen es, sin duda, uno de los mejores porteros que ha tenido el Barça. Tremenda dupla de porteros que tuvieron los culés en los últimos tres años.

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  • Lee Fang

    Good closing statement tho

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  • The Fillmore Miami Beach

    Miami! Peruvian singer and Grammy award winning producer & song writer, @GianMarcomusica brings his Intuición Tour USA 2019 to the #FillmoreMB on Saturday, July 20th! You don't want to miss out on this amazing event! Grab tickets now at http://cncrt.ly/yWj 

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  • Sean O'Connell

    I am pumped to be in on this. Gonna make the rivalry even better this year!

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  • Simone Eli

    HILARIOUS *Have you ever played a sport?*

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  • Jason Howerton

    BETO: I speak Spanish. BOOKER: I can't believe you did my thing before me. DE BLASIO: I have a black son. BOOKER: I'm actually black tho, Bill. KLOBUCHAR: ...Um, I have an uncle with a deer stand? WARREN: *don't say it, don't say it*

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  • Maggie Haberman

    We've got your debate analysis here in real time --- >>

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  • CNBC International

    Trump will meet China's Xi to discuss trade on Saturday morning in Japan: White House

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  • GeoNet

    M2.7 quake causing weak shaking near Wellington

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  • Bernie Sanders

    Candidates are talking about: -Raising taxes on the 1% and corporations -Raising the minimum wage -Tuition-free college -Making health care a right Our movement has led the way and we can’t stop now. Chip in before the debate ends: #DemDebate

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  • Cody Keenan

    Inslee should say “I raised taxes on Howard Schultz” then spike a football *wild applause*

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  • Showmatch

    Lourdes Sánchez y Chato Prada abrieron las puertas de su casa por primera vez: el cuarto de Valentín es divino

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  • Cuomo Prime Time

    “Veterans are extremely resilient as a group… they also face unique challenges and unique risk factors.” Matt Miller, director of Veterans Crisis Line, on the impact of suicide within the military community. https://cnn.it/2NfplYL 

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  • Ryan Nobles

    Warren bringing up Sanders unsolicited could be a sign that the Bernie v Warren fight might be a little over hyped. Both camps still genuinely like each other and while they want to win they aren’t ready to destroy the other.

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  • Bernie Sanders

    There is only one way to fix our broken health care system. We must get rid of greedy insurance companies and pass Medicare for All. #DemDebate

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