• Rory Hearne

    #GreenWave is hugely positive & hopeful. It's so much more than a vote - its a demand for real & radical action on #ClimateEmergency transforming our unsustainable & unequal economies in a socially just transition. But will the Centre woo, claim & tame it? https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/surge-in-support-for-green-party-according-to-exit-poll-1.3903713?mode=amp …

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  • Grace O'Sullivan

    Very busy morning here at the #Waterford count centre at WIT Arena. Unfortunately no counting yet of #LE19 or #EP2019, but lots of interest in the possible #GreenWave that's breaking all over the country. Hearing good things from the Dublin counts!

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  • Rory Hearne

    It appears the voters have punished FF & FG in #ep2019 The #housingcrisis - esp in Dublin - was the main issue along with #GreenWave The Gov must listen to the people & ditch their failed hsg policies - go build social & affordable homes & protect tenants!

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  • Jane Suiter

    Wondering if #greenwave is key? More movement than party politics. Did the generations politicised by referendums start thinking #green Exit poll detail will be so interesting

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  • Clare Gahan

    Joined @greenparty_ie last night. It’s so heartening to see the party doing so well - people do care and are doing something about it. Good luck to all the candidates! #greenwave

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  • Clodagh Quain

    Observations on #LE19 #EP2019 #GreenWave was most able to effectively leverage social media Europe-wide. Though not a substitute for knocking on doors and campaign posters, it's key where resources less. @RTERadio1

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  • Clodagh Bergin

    Greens have a clear message and philosophy, and all candidates stuck to it. Parties need to have clear narratives that resonate and translate on the ballot paper. #GreenWave #EP2019

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  • irishwildlife.ie

    I suppose I have nothing better to do all day than reply to the echo chamber barrage from the populist, uneducated and individualistic swathe of typical Irish begrudgers moaning about the @greenparty_ie #GreenWave #greens

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  • Adam Boyle

    Pathetic fallacy via dogs: Buster and Ted's #GreenWave elation last night gives way to weariness when I realise I am unlikely to know the fate of my Green & Purple friends for many more nervous days. #EE19

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