• Scouting Polska

    Here is a #transfermarkt list of most valuable teams in the #EuroU21. is ranked the lowest on the list but we are showing the world that we have talent. Bartlomiej Dragowski's value is 10,00 Mill.€. So he would've helped us but we would still be at the bottom.

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  • World Football Scout

    SERBIA Serbia finished the group with 0 points, but Nemanja Radonjić (23) was still really impressive. Like the rest of the squad, his finishing wasn't on point, but he was extremely effective using his speed and agility to take on the opposition. #U21EURO #EuroU21 #U21Euros

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  • RMOnly

    | Dani Ceballos has netted this free-kick for Spain U21 against Poland. What a strike!#EuroU21

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  • RJ

    Thursday #EuroU21 Vs o2.75 (-117) 1u Adds coming in the AM

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  • Sébastien

    France are drilled, say what you want about the *right way to play* Under this heat, better be organised and make the most out of counter attacks and crosses, rather than waste energy retaining the ball and trying to unlock teams. #EUROU21

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  • Sam Street

    Imagine being a top tier referee and giving this as a red card AFTER checking VAR. It's a shame Hannes Wolf got badly injured but Jovanovic even got the ball. #eurou21

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  • World Football Scout

    To get you excited for the upcoming #U21EURO semifinals, here's our Team of the Group Stage. (4-3-3) Radu Klostermann Danso Tah Mæhle Ceballos Bielik Hagi Chiesa Waldschmidt Richter Let us know what you think! #EuroU21 #U21Euros #u21em

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  • Sean Graham

    That Phil Foden fella isn't bad is he? The City midfielder opened the scoring in England's 2-1 defeat to France at #EuroU21.

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  • Gurjit

    Reiss Nelson starts England U21's in their game against Croatia. #EuroU21

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  • WhoScored.com

    Last night’s star men from the #EuroU21 Championships: Nicolo Barella (vs Belgium) - Rating 8.74 Dani Ceballos (vs Poland) - Rating 10

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  • Jermaine Jenas

    I’m really not comfortable with this new handball rule that’s found its way into the game now, needs to be adjusted in my opinion. #engvfra #EuroU21

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