• Kevin Doyle

    Saturday’s Irish Independent just going to bed: Maria Bailey ran 10k race in 54mins three weeks after swing fall. (Her legal claim says she couldn’t run “at all” for three months.) Green wave in #EP2019 & #LE19 Boris means Brexit

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  • David Gibney

    Remember the Green Party cut minimum wage by €1ph (12%), privatised the 999 emergency call centre & awarded to British Telecom who de-recognised unions, abstained on the UN vote for water as a human right, agreed to bank guarantee & bailout? No? Neither did Dublin #EP2019

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  • Killian Woods

    Peter Casey picking up LOTS of second preferences from both FG candidates (especially Walsh), Ming Flanagan and everyone else as well @sundaybusiness #EP2019

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  • Number Cruncher Politics UK

    #EP2019 UK Turnout thread: we now have figures from around 150 councils, on average showing an increase of just over 2 points from 2014. We so far have very little from some areas, but the pattern strongly suggests a national figure in the high 30s (current best estimate: 38%)

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  • Aaron Vallely

    Ireland has rejected the politics of hate, scare-mongering & blatant minority-bashing. We passed Marriage Equality, Abortion Rights, Removed Blasphemy from our Constitution, will liberalise Divorce Laws, & have made Climate Justice a priority. #ExitPoll #LE19 #ep2019 #SoProud

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  • Carlow Weather

    If you are wondering what is happening to your votes in Carlow at present, the different ballots are being sorted into piles for #LE19 #DivorceRef and #EP2019 with divorce counted here then local moved next door counted later today and Euros go to cork to be counted tomorrow.

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  • Ann Hayden

    So Frances Fitzgerald 14% in exit polls. I give up I really do. WTF is going on? #EP2019

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  • Eoin Quilter

    For the political junkies, I'm running a live tally sheet for as many of the Local Electoral Areas as I can from 9am at the count centre in Killarney. Follow the link here for up-to-date info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hV2H76BeArLp_7xNkrdn-FZRKMVGuBV3O1qk1yiRnnQ/edit?usp=sharing … #LE19 #EP2019 #Kerry #localelection2019 #listowel #tralee

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  • Ruairí McKiernan

    "..all migrants are cancer, and they [should] be killed off" - An important read in context of very real division stoked by Peter Casey & others. Sorry @hazechu, @joelough & other candidates had to face this racist hostility. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/racism-on-the-campaign-trail-one-guy-said-all-migrants-are-cancer-1.3901011 … #localelection2019 #EP2019

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  • Jamie

    Whatever party or independent you support you may be happy or disappointed with the exit polls but Casey, Renua, Aontú and all the other wingnuts didn’t poll more than 9%. Well done. Fuck those cunts #EP2019 #LE19

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