• Herman Cain

    Every time we think we've seen the depths of this woman's stupidity and dishonesty, we discover we must soldier on, because there's more. #Chicago

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  • Ford Motor Company

    We recently invested $1B into one of our oldest plants – the 95-year-old #Chicago Assembly Plant. This investment brings new #technology and machinery, and 500 new #jobs, helping the plant be fully equipped to build our most popular SUV – the #FordExplorer.

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  • Steph 🇨🇦

    Staying in downtown Chicago and all I can hear every 15 minutes are various sirens. Shout out to the hardworking first responders in this city. #Chicago

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  • Afro.Beer.Chick

    Times like this I love my City of #Chicago ... Check out my photography skills using my phone

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  • Synchrony Careers

    Our #Chicago office is at the heart of innovation. The state-of-the-art office provides a collaborative atmosphere where you can build relationships and develop your career. Learn more > http://bit.ly/2Xs2Fsd  #SynchronyLife

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  • SIX US 👑🇺🇸

    The Chicago cast were joined by 2 more Queens last week! The incredible ASL Interpreters Elizabeth Bartlow Breslin and Suzanne Salerno #Queendom #Chicago

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