• AFP news agency

    Theresa May's resignation leaves the #Brexit process in disarray and raises the risk of Britain crashing out of the European Union in a few months. These are some of the sectors that could be affected by a no-deal #Brexit http://u.afp.com/JQ7N 

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  • Chris Williamson MP #GTTO

    Never mind #Brexit, let's get a grip of how the monetary system works so we can tackle inequality, eradicate poverty & lift the living standards for 99% of the UK.

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  • Winnie CullMac

    I am now an insomniac. And terrified how all of Ireland will be affected. If you feel #Brexit is negatively affecting your life please retweet. And maybe share how it’s making you feel.

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  • CityLiveryConsulting #FBPE

    Has former tourism minister Tracey Crouch seen this report? She claimed a weak #brexit pound would boost tourism. She's wrong, apparently.

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  • Ben Bradshaw

    In these endless media interviews with Tory leadership candidates, please ask what public mandate they would have, after being crowned PM by 100,000 Tory members, to crash us out of E.U. in a hard or no-deal #Brexit. #FinalSay #PeoplesVote

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  • CityLiveryConsulting #FBPE

    A weak pound has NOT made the UK more attractive to tourists because racist attacks and thuggish behaviour of nationalists has made the UK a LESS desirable place to visit. #brexit is damaging our tourist industry! https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/brexit-uk-tourism-money-economy-visitor-numbers-deficit-travel-eu-tourists-a8929461.html …

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  • Cornwall for Europe #FBPE

    So Boris Johnson, an inveterate liar and rampant egotist who played along with a scheme to have a journalist beaten up as a favour for a convicted fraudster, may now be our next PM. #Brexit is the gift that just keeps on giving. #ToryLeadershipContest

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  • Simon Fraser

    We will now divert ourselves for a few weeks with the Theresa May succession, only to discover later this summer that changing the person does not change the facts and choices on #Brexit.

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  • Derek James #ProEU #StopBrexit

    #Brexit, and particularly a "no deal" Brexit, is the biggest confidence trick since the "South Sea Bubble". That ended badly. This will be a hundred times worse. The architects of the EURef in 2016, Johnson and Farage, are back to put the nail in the coffin in 2019. #StopBrexit

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  • AFP news agency

    What happens now for #Brexit? Flow chart shows what might happen next in Britain's relationship with the European Union http://u.afp.com/JQ7N 

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  • Nottinghasm!

    #Nottingham voted a few weeks ago that the Broadmarsh redevelopment would be resolved before #Brexit. I’d say it’s a draw at the moment.

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  • AFP news agency

    Theresa May's decision to resign over her failure to resolve the #Brexit crisis makes her the fourth British prime minister to fall foul of the European curse http://u.afp.com/JQ8G 

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